Light and Power

Appropriate planning is always necessary during construction, to have the adequate number of power and lighting within your home is also as essential. We have specialist staff who can assist you in designing and in strategizing your electrical home wiring and we will give you a FREE OF CHARGE GUIDE for your planning.

We can offer a variety of switches and outlets that will complemant the designs and colors for your installation. In fact, we have some intelligent concepts for you. For example, in the hallway of your bedroom, you can make use of a motion sensor device to help reduce running cost. Or you can either elect to mount it externally to initiate security lighting and assist you to find your house keys for example.

Listed here are some of the many services we currently provides for your domestic and residential electrical necessities:

Lighting Upgrades

Halogen downlights burn through cash, bulbs and even houses. In an average home, 20 downlights use over $500 of electricity a year, last only 12-15 months and can reach dangerous temperatures of more than 300°C.

Say goodbye to your halogens with a complete halogen light replacement from Energy Makeovers. Our quality LED downlights are as bright as a 50W halogen but use up to 88% less power. And they last over 12 times longer. By upgrading 20 halogen lights you can enjoy a lifetime saving of over $6000.

Feature Interior Lighting

Highpoint your feature zones with down lights. Down lights are settled within your ceiling and when used will make a room look bigger. Step lights, wall lights, install a motion sensor in your bedroom hallways to routinely turn on a soft light during the night.


Switchboard metering, providing Circuit breakers and safety switches.

Air Movement

Ceiling Fans- You can choose between a remote controlled ceiling fan or a hard wired ceiling fan.

Exhaust Fans- we can supply and install a wide range of ducted and non ducted systems.

Combination Heat, Light, Fan- There are a number of specialised products on the market to help combine the requirements of you bathroom, from a simple 2 heat lamp fixture to a state of the art remote-controlled NEO.

Rangehood- Working together with your cabinet maker, we can install your new rangehood with ease.

Smoke Alarms

Ideally, located approximately between the bedroom and kitchen and even including areas in the hallways, within your garage and especially near bedrooms.

It is as well strongly recommended to make utilzie the V270 smoke alarms as this type still stays to function even with a drained battery.

Home Automation

Electrotec Solutions can service you with the most economical and cost-efficient options for future proofing your home and this without having to invest expensively. Smart and new technologies are now made accessible for your convenience and for your amazement.

Floor Heating

We have the most effective method for a room to get heated. And with your scaled floor plan copy, we could provide you with a quick quote.

Setting up a Lighting System for your Landscape

A well-made stylish alfresco space can be very relaxing where you can experience calmness and comfort. Highlight the feature plants contained within your garden by installing low in voltage up illuminations that come with a programmable sundown switch.

Another alternative choice is to set up a aquatic feature within your garden. Suitably lit areas outdoor encourages you and the family to devote more time outside relaxing or spending time for some frequent BBQ get together.


Much more to setting up power points, we can do heating, providing lighting features, installing water pumps.

Felix has been a shining light among tradesmen that we have encountered in the Dandenong South and wider Melbourne area. During a very trying Christmas period, Felix attended our site on a number of occasions, sometimes in the middle of the night (2am) to try and get us up and running given our production deadlines. In addition to his positive attitude, Felix also is well connected and if he is unable to fix a problem that is outside of scope will recommend high quality trades people of high repute. Be it stand alone or working alongside other trades, his work is of a high standard and he conducts himself in a professional manner, efficient, honest, well priced and full of integrity, I would highly recommend Felix to anyone looking for electrical work to be undertaken” “Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I cannot express our gratitude sufficiently. What a life saver you and of course the 2 workmen are, We had dreadingly thought that another 2 weeks would pass and we would have had to disappoint our customers by staying closed for renovations. Thank you for coming to our rescue, the renovations would not have been completed without your professional help.”